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Debut Album 'The Farthest Creole'



"In ‘The Farthest Creole’ (Bedouin Records), Sungho presents a broad, considered artistic vision. This is an ambient album built from intricately programmed synthetic elements and carefully assembled found sound and field recordings. It’s mostly beatless and much of it is brooding, occasionally pastoral ambient that veers into industrial soundscapes and even psychedelic rock. It’s challenging but an album that is worth your time, one that delivers more with familiarity. "

"From moments of warm, intense stillness, to the raw, free associated noise-fest of the final tracks, ‘The Farthest Creole’ is a clever album and there is deftness, mastery and an artist’s well-developed send of light and shade contained here. "




Essential Releases of bandcamp

 "The Farthest Creole, his latest LP for Bedouin Records, a stunning record that, true to its name, communicates directly in a mixture of sonic languages."

 "Just wonderful, from concept to execution."

Jes Skolnik

New Release

The Farthest Creole / Haku Sungho  1st Full Album

22. Jan. 2021 Release  from Bedouin Records

Pr-eorder of the limited Vinyl / Abyss of Fuzz from the Album is now available



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Bedouin Records : Constantine Skourlis and Haku Sungho